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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Kate's Hall's Stalking Ordeal  This is now nearing the end of the year 2011 and during the next year my stalker will get out of prison once again.  This is a big worry for myself and my family because although we would like to be able to trust that we would get help from Fife police if needed, we have no trust in them at all and feel we can not ask for help even with a new law of stalking now being in force. I am worried that if I needed to ask for help that once again the blame would fall on me. I have had to go to a Lawyer to make sure that I have an order of protection in place for him coming out of prison. I  had to pay for a case he brought against me while he was in prison as he tried to take an interdict out against me. I had to defend my name,  if I had not it would have looked like he was being truthful when he was lying. I successfully defended this case and won. The court ordered all my costs to be paid by him.  That was two years ago and as he has not paid anything toward the costs I had to pay the lot. This is very unfair as the court does not seem to have the power to pursue this.  This has caused me financial hardship and no one is able to help me on this matter.