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Monday, 6 February 2012

Kate Hall's Stalking Ordeal

I am updating this today being February 6th 2012 I have been told today that my stalker David Williamson will get out of prison this month on the 27th. Having only been told this information today it does not give me much time to have an order of protection in place to keep me safe from him. This man is a danger to anyone that he comes into contact with. This man was jailed in January 2011 for a term of 32 months and just over one year he is getting out. What message does this give to any victims. I know I will never forget being held at gun point and being kicked and punched and held at knife point all by this man. I will never forget him performing sexual acts to attempt to gain my attention when all along he had my full attention as he had a weapon pointed at me.
What kind of justice system is there when a person only does half of what he is sentenced to in a High Court? I as a victim serve a life sentence waiting to see what comes next. So now I have to once again ask the court to protect me from this man. My website is All information is on there. It will be updated soon.