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Saturday, 31 March 2012

my life as a victim of stalking

Stalking has been a part of my life for over 10 years now. I have been stalked by the same man all this time and  this is how it has affected my life. I used to think that things were never going to get any better as no one could make him go away as there was nothing the police could do other than warn him or lock him up and even then he came back as soon as he was out.  I am very upset about things that have taken place. I feel that having one stalker is bad enough but now to have a woman stalker that is an even bigger problem.

Until now there has been nothing anyone could do and stalking was not even heard of.All this changed in the last 3 years thanks to a very brave and courageous woman who spoke out and set up Action Scotland Against Stalking to help all of us and ultimately brought into force the law as it stands today, a stalking law.  I still come across people who do not understand stalking and the effect it has on you.  My own Health Board refuse to treat me because of a lady who caused trouble years ago and because I remained her friend at that time.

My stalker did get out of prison on the 27th of February this year. Knowing this was going to happen I asked for some help from a Psychologist which I got until the day after my stalker got out.From the 28th I had my sessions stopped by the hospital. They say that because I have a stalker I am too much of a risk to other patients. I think this is wrong as first they provide someone for me to talk to and get help and advice from and then they take that away. It seems that at a time like this the hospital should be offering me support instead of withdrawing it.

Because of this decision I have sought advice from a Lawyer and am now in Litigation with Fife Health Board. I am fighting this for all stalking victims. No-one should be treated like this by an NHS hospital; after all I am the victim here and I will fight for my right to treatment.  Why should anyone be treated this way. It makes me feel I have done something wrong when all I have done is be unfortunate enough to have a stalker.
The link below is for anyone who needs it.