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Thursday, 7 June 2012

My life as a Stalking victim

 This is an update as to direction my life has taken now.  For many years now I have had a female who is a member of the Mormon Church causing me a lot of trouble but I just dealt with it and hoped it would stop   .A few years ago I was attending psychological treatment to help me with what was going on in my life at the time. I was friends with this woman through the church and so I took her to a meeting with me that the Psychologist was at. She took a liking to him and that was it, she made so much trouble that she ended up being arrested and taken to court for harassing him. Her court case was dropped pro-loco as she was mentally unfit to stand trial. Throughout the years she has been questioned by the police for doing other things to him but always blamed everything on me. I was also questioned but no action was ever taken against me.

On 11th May this year I was arrested by the police, my p.c was taken all on the word of this woman who once again made a complaint against me but this time with the backing of the Mormon church with whom I am also a member.  I know as I have done all along that I have done nothing wrong but once again I have to clear my name. I am sure about one thing when I clear my name I am going to have her charged with stalking under section 39.  It appears that it is not uncommon for stalkers to try to make out that they are the victims, so it seems that I am the one being blamed for another person's behaviour.
I will now explain what pro-loco means   -  that it can be brought back to court if any similar cases occur no matter how far in the future.