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Thursday, 11 October 2012

My Ordeal Continues

Earlier this year I was once again charged by the police for a b.o.p dating from 2007-2012.  Yesterday I discovered who the first complainer was - it was the Mormon Church of which I am a member. I am being accused of setting up websites that advocate Mormon sex and using another members name, that of a Judith Dunkley from Fife. I have also been accused of sending emails to a Dr M. Doyle of  NHS all of which I have not done and some of which Judith Dunkley had been charged with in 2007. This was a High Court case which was dropped pro-loco because she was deemed to be mentally unfit. I am a member of Action Scotland Against Stalking where she has also caused trouble.. I feel that everybody that I have anything to do with she causes trouble for. Dr Doyle was treating me in 2007 and she went so far as to track him down to his house and scare his family and make ludicrous allegations against him such as he was holding another man captive in his basement. That is why she was at court. I do not know if my case will go to court. If it does it will prove to be a very interesting case. 

I feel that once again this is false victimisation which is very common for stalkers to do to victims. I feel that I am being stalked. The Stalking law as it stands in Scotland section 39 of  The Criminal Justice Scotland Act takes mental illness into account because most stalkers are mentally ill.

I will fight to clear my name and to bring charges of stalking against those who are doing the stalking.

If you feel you are a victim of this crime go to the webpage  and click contact us.