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Saturday, 27 October 2012

My ordeal is still ongoing

 As I said before I am now being blamed and have been charged due to unfounded allegations that were made against me by the Mormon Church and Judith Dunkley who is a member of that church .  I was a member of that church until today when upon my own request I asked to leave and thankfully was granted my wish.

I was a member for many years but never felt welcome there because I could never be as involved as some people.  I never thought however that a Church would turn against me and take the word of a woman who is mentally unbalanced.  I am now just waiting to see if this charge will go as far as a Court of Law no decision has been made as regards to this yet.  

I feel I am always having to clear my name as this woman has been stalking me since 2007 but back then no law was in force even today with a law in force I ask how many people are trained in stalking and really understand the effect that this crime has on victims.    There is training available but not many people take it up so one question will be asked at a court is how many police in Scotland have undergone training.  If training had been done this would be classed as false victimisation.