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Sunday, 12 May 2013

My Ongoing Ordeal Update

Today is the 12th May 2013 .It has been a whole year yesterday since I was charged because of the untrue and false allegations made against me by Judith Dunkley with the backing of the Mormon Church. A lot has happened in the last year, we have had phone calls from quite a few men which are very disturbing and rude and some making disgusting noises.These phone calls only started after I had been charged so it would seem that the people making these calls are known to the person who made the allegations. I feel I cannot report these phone calls as no- one would listen to me because of what is going on.

My health and that of my elderly mum is suffering under the stress of all this. My mum is undergoing tests on her heart after a night in hospital. I have had to seek help from another Psychologist because of stress.  Being the victim of a stalker is hard but having two different ones is very hard.  I keep asking myself why- me.  This woman blames me for everything that goes wrong in her life, she has fixated on me and when things start to unravel in her life she finds some way of involving me. If it is not having me charged it will be something else. I find all this very hard to understand but the only thing that keeps me going is I know I have done nothing wrong.  Stalking charges will be brought after I am proven innocent.  Judith Dunkley from Dunfermline Fife is the person that has made the allegations.

Some stalkers suffer from mental problems and delusions. The Stalking law in Scotland is one of the most robust laws written. As most stalkers do suffer from some kind of mental illness that is covered within the Law. 

Today is 13.5.13 and I want to let people know that since I updated this blog last night I have had a lot of phone calls today, most very threatening telling me to take the blog off as it says things about Judith that are wrong.   Let me make this very clear. I will not remove what I have written in this blog because it is all true and I will not be intimidated.

If you need information about stalking