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Friday, 21 March 2014

My Ordeal Is Coming To An End (I Hope)


Yesterday 19.3.14  I was told that the Crown had dropped all charges against me because after investigating thoroughly over the past two years I was told that no evidence was found on my Laptop and no other evidence was found to substantiate the allegations that were made against me by Judith Dunkley from Dunfermline Fife with the backing of the Mormon Church.

Judith Dunkley has carried out a hate campaign against me over many years. Judith Dunkley has been sectioned under the mental health act because of her behaviour she has stalked me consistently over  the years and whenever she has been in trouble she blames me.   This last two years have been the worst so far as my whole life has been on hold because of  the allegations she made against me which were untrue, vindictive, and vicious.   As I said before when this was proven to be untrue I would have all involved charged and Judith Dunkley charged with stalking.

Section 39 of the Criminal  Justice Scotland Act, within that Law it takes into account that most stalkers are mentally ill so that cannot be used as a way of defence.   I try not to use the word hate as I do not think that it  is helpful to think that way. I think that police knowing that this woman has mental problems and that she has done this to me so many times, would think twice but they did not and so they also have to answer to what has happened to me.  I am indeed seeking legal advice and I am going to have Judith Dunkley charged.

I am glad that once again I have been proven to have done nothing wrong but I cannot allow this to keep happening to me. I was cleared in 2011 and have been cleared now without even being taken to court.