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Sunday, 9 October 2016

My Ordeal Never Ends

My last post regarding what took place in February with the Police coming to my door. I complained and last week I got a letter to say sorry to me and that my complaint had been upheld.  I was glad about that.
My Stalker has been phoning me from Prison using a  text message service from a mobile phone I understand from the Police that the phones illegal mobile phones are common in Prisons.
He got ten years but will get out of Prison on 4.11.17 that makes me feel mad as I know he will come back for me again however much the Police keep an eye on him. 
police are trying to help now and for that I am grateful.  I need the phone calls to stop and for him to be banned form any contact with me at all. I have no idea if I will ever be really safe as this man has said he will kill me.

I can only hope that measures are put in place for him getting out of Prison to prevent him ever being able to hurt myself or my family.  As he is in English Prisons and being moved about a lot just now its going to be very hard to stop him writing to me from every Prison he gets moved to.
England and Scotland do not speak to each other that much but I understand England are now dealing with the phone calls.

I do hope all this stops for a bit and let my family enjoy Christmas without any more problems.