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Monday, 23 January 2017

It Never Ends

My Stalker David Williamson gets out of an English Prison this November 5.12.17 I know I will live my life in fear once again because I know he will make contact with me some how. This man got ten Years in prison in 2012 and I know that he will never leave me alone.  I fear for my life and that of my 90 year old mum.
An English Judge said this man was very dangerous but still they let him out early. No one or Law can protect me from him as it stands he has to do something to me to allow me to be granted an non harassment order. Yes the law on Stalking has come a long way but I feel no one should have to be hurt or approached my the person who attacked them before being allowed to obtain protection in a court of Law but that's how it stands just now. No one could stop the phone messsges I had to try to do that without changing my phone number.

I feel that anyone who has been in Prison for terrorism charges and for hurting woman should be monitored very closely when out in public. To recap this person has held me hostage both at gun point and with a knife on separate times, he has punched my face, hit my knees with steel toe caps  leaving me disabled.. When he held me hostage he forced me to watch him preform sexual acts on himself.
In England he has threatened to kill the judge that was doing his trial threatened all the witness in his trial. He has threatened to bomb a Harrods and other landmarks in central London, robbed Hyde park hotel with a shotgun and also threatened to shoot people in a money shop who refused to change his stolen money with a shotgun.
He has been charged with fraud using other people's names to obtain money.   My view is anyone who is capable of such violent behaviour should not get out to walk among people who have no idea of what he has done.
Violence of any kind is wrong and it's wrong to hurt anyone that means children who cannot fight back that means old people and woman for a man to do that it's wrong.
I know tha Police have said they will watch him but no one can do that 24 hours it's just a matter of time before he gets me again. Stalking has come a long way to see an updated website visit