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Sunday, 30 April 2017

My Ongoing Ordeal With My Stalker David Williamson

My Stalking Nightmare

My Story starts Innocently enough. When I was about 14 years old due to problems I had at school because I was dyslexic. It was at this school that I met a young man named David Williamson who wanted to be friends with me. I thought nothing of it and said we could be mates.

It would be many years until I met him again only this time he was a man.

I had long forgotten about the young man who was my mate many years ago.    I went to work in a nursing home, and then on a farm. I also moved out of the family home and got my own place. There were problems due to the area it was located in. I was working at the farm leaving at 6am and getting home after 6pm. In 1985 as I got home from work and to my surprise David was waiting for me at my door. He said he had found my name by chance on the Voters Role.   I assumed he must have been looking for someone else and come across me.  I had not seen him for years and I was surprised but not alarmed.  After that night he would visit infrequently, but for nothing more than a cup of tea.

Shortly afterwards I moved to a different flat but still in the same town.  David's behaviour got really strange around this time, he took to following me around and waiting for me outside my flat for hours at a time. Then he started to wait inside the close door as there was no intercom then. He would get right up to my flat door.

  I was getting scared now so I did not let him in the flat.   One night he cut his wrists outside my door and drew a razor blade across his neck.  The Police took him to Hospital but two hours later he was back at my door all bandaged up.

In 1987 he threatened my neighbour with a knife. Then David Vandalised my property and that of my neighbours by super gluing the locks of the flats and spray painting the flats. In addition, he frequently threatened me with physical violence.  He also endeavoured to commit suicide by cutting his wrists and causing myself and my neighbour's considerable distress.

He posted razor blades through the letter box of my flat  and glued them to my door handle as they were the same colour as the handle it was hard to see them and nearly caused a lot of harm


On 1.6.87 David was charged and taken to court for this he got bailed at court until 28th August. I had already been granted a Civil Interdict by the court on 23.6.87 and it was continued again on 30.7.87 and continued again on 6.8.87 and again on 13.8.87.  On 28.8.87 David was back at court where he pled guilty to damaging my door with glue and for super gluing razor blade to my door handle and spray painting the flats.

On the 14 of September 1987 my dad died of cancer. Throughout that night David kept phoning me even after I told him my dad had died when he phoned the 1st time that night, but he continued to make calls to my house which were very obscene on instance he said he was masturbating in the call box.

  I had to go to court for another interdict which the court granted to me on 29.9.87 but although having that David did not stop. In February 1991 He had persisted in harassing me and I had numerous Lawyers letters sent to him telling him to stop.

On 24.4.92 David called at my house once again. This time my parents were with me and they told him to leave 30 mins later he returned and again my parents told him to leave so now he made an attempt to commit suicide outside my house and left more razor blades on my door handle.

I went back to Court again on 1.5.92 to obtain yet another interdict the Sheriff made an order to continue the previous interdict I had against David and forwarded a copy to David's Lawyer and to the Police.  By 2.6.92 David was remanded in custody for breech of that order and was taken to court.   On 12.6.92 when David appeared at court from custody he was placed on a years probation.

Should he step out of line this time he would be in breach of probation


On  8.5.92 David left a note in my door saying he was on top of a multi story car park covered in petrol.  I phoned the Police to inform them of this and they came to my house and asked me to go with them which I did when I got there David was standing on the ledge of the car park at the top level down below lots of people were watching the drams unfold. Pc 715 said to me if  you speak with David he will come down.  I did speak with his and said I was fed up with all this. I said if you are going to jump do it PC 715  told me off.


David came down and was arrested. He was at court on the Monday.  When I returned home his keys were in my letter box with a note that told me he loved me. ( I could not believe this)  I had to walk home after helping then and during that time the Police had been at my house and done that.

All I want is this man to stay away from me otherwise I would not have an interdict against him.  I was not happy about going to the Police Station as I did not want them to think I wanted to see him. I did go and handed in the keys PC 715 took the keys.

When I returned home  my neighbour told me that she had given the Police a statement saying he had been at my house that day.

Tuesday 19.7.92 When I got home at 8.55pm there was a note from David saying he was in the water I was just about to call the Police from the call box when I saw a Police van at the garage next to the call box. I went and gave the Policeman the note, he said he would come to my flat and take a statement. When he came I told him I had been out all day so I did not know how long the note had been there.

Over the next few years this did happen but its hard to recall everything.

What I do know is things started again on Tuesday 12.1.97 David came to my door at 6pm. He said he was going to drown himself.    I thought not again but I phoned the Police PC 730 and Pc 450 came and again asked me to go with them they said David would only come out if I were there so I went with them and once there David did come out of the water and was taken to hospital.  Again again I was left this time on a cold dark beach to make my own way home.  The Police again came up to my flat and said to me the water situation was getting out of hand this was repeated 3 to 4 times

David had told the Police I was his girl friend and this was why they kept maintaining we were an item Not So!

21.7.94  I heard David shouting outside my flat because the intercom was locked. I just ignored him but within 20 mins he was in and banging on my door.   After getting dressed I escorted him to the main intercom door. As I got down stairs at the main door he pulled out a knife and hit me on the face with the handle. My neighbour saw it all and called the Police.   On arriving PC 735 came to me and said if other people gave a statement they would arrest David.   I said I have an interdict out on David. I thought that would be it. The Policeman said to the other Policeman I do not have a radio.    After the Police went away and even after my neighbour gave a statement and the fact I had an interdict they did nothing.


On 22.7.94  My Lawyer spoke with a Police Inspector Kyle who told my Lawyer that David had been arrested. My Lawyer called the
P.F to find out what happened but could not get any information. We never did find out.

On 25.7.94 at 23.30pm David was on my intercom saying you are dead. He then started to throw stones at my window. As I did not have a phone I had to go out and use the call box to call the Police.

When I was outside David came running at me he grabbed a hold of me and fling me down on the ground where he started to kick my leg with steel toe capped boots all the time telling me that the Police never got the knife last time and the will not get it this time. He then pulled a knife on me. Although I was terrified I got up and ran for my life.  I ran to the garage across the road.  The man inside locked us in and called the Police


I was in the garage when the Police got there. David was shouting at me you're dead he was then put into a Police van and arrested.

    When I was speaking to the Police a message came over the radio saying that David had been at the Police Station an hour ago asking about me The police officer at the van said she had been present at that time.

It's after midnight now when more Police come to my house PC 735 took a statement from me. He also told me David had been at the Police station earlier making a complaint against me for phoning him. I told the Police that I did not have a phone so the Police checked with BT and found out David's phone had been cut off some time ago.

26.7.94   I had peace until 4th August 1994. David followed me when I went to the shop. When I got home my intercom kept ringing  and David was shouting you're dead. I phoned the Police but they told me unless you have two witnesses they could not do anything.  I switched off my intercom then.  He was back throwing stuff at my window until after 10pm as I sat alone and terrified wishing it would all stop.

From today 26.7.94 until 1st September 1994 I called the Police 17 times on David  throughout all of this I still have an interdict that that none pays attention to and the Police do not act on it.

Here is some of what he did On 10.8.94 David and another man with him threw stuff at my window I again phoned the Police but they only two hours later and he had gone by then.  17.8.94 David rang the intercom saying he did not know about any interdict.  I said you must know to have mentioned it just now.  26.8.94 at 21.30pm David came up to my door wanting to get in. I phoned "999" after an hour no one had come.

I phoned again and was told someone was on their way. Later the Police accused me of wasting Police time.

1st September 1994 I was in ward 14 Victoria Hospital Kirkcaldy after having surgery on my leg that David had previously damaged.  At around 19.30pm a nurse came to me to say that David had come to see me.

Before I could tell her I did not want to see him she had let him in.  When the nurse left us alone David lifted up his jumper and showed me a Gun he had hidden under his top.  He then went onto order me to do everything he said or he would kill everyone in the ward. He said make a wrong move and I will shoot everyone. He then ordered me to discharge myself from the ward which I did with difficulty.

Once we were outside he forced me into a car and made me go home. On arriving at my house he phoned the Police to tell them what he had done.  They did not believe him but did send two officers to my door. He Then opened the door and pointed the Gun at them and they ran down the stairs.
In no time the armed response unit were outside, the Police took control of my phone so only they could phone the house.  The Policeman spoke on the phone to David and after 9 hours he finally let me go.

I had never been so scared in all my life and my parents were still on a flight home from Melbourne so had no knowledge of what had taken place.

2.9.1994 David was at court today where he pled guilty. David's solicitor told the court that I was to blame but the Sheriff pointed out that it was his client who abducted me and if he wanted nothing to do with me then he should keep away from me.

David was sentenced to 9 months of which he would only serve 4 as in Scotland you only serve half of what you are sentenced to. When the Sheriff sentenced him he had to be dragged out of the court shouting he would kill the Sheriff and he would come back for me.

For the next 4 months I was free from David and I could finally live like a normal person and not look over my shoulder or feel scared any longer. But I knew it would not last and one day soon he would be for to come back for me again      David was free once again when he got out of Prison on 16.1.1995.

Once again I went back to court for another Interdict which was granted to me on 16.1.1995 preventing David from molesting me, putting me in a state of fear and alarm or distress or using violence toward me, threating to damage my property, or calling at my house or any other house occupied by me within the Sheriffdom of Fife and Tayside Central and Fife also preventing him from instructing other persons to molest, threaten or contact me in anyway, and to grant a Power of Arrest.

21 .1.1995 my parents took me back to the house today when we got to the door there was a syringe and needle sticking out of my letter box.  We removed it safely and phoned the Police.

Pc Robertson came and took it away and we all gave statements.    23.1.1995 David flung a brick through my flat window breaking it My neighbour who saw it all phoned the Police and the council boarded it up


24.1.1995 I was granted another interdict also with a power of arrest wording was different and as the Police had not received a copy of the last one the Sherriff ordered that it be handed personally in Court to the Police form him in Chambers.  25.1.1995 As of today my Lawyer does not yet have a copy of this interdict.

Another syringe and needle was in my letter box on my return home P.C Scott and PC Chapel came but said they could not remove it but would get it removed.

That night 24.1.1995 David was outside my house with a crossbow. I phoned the Police my neighbour also phoned but once again no one attended until 22.30pm which my this time he was away.
I am so mad at the Police for doing nothing I have an interdict with a power of arrest but I just get ignored


30.1.1995 On my return home there was a razor blade glued to my door handle and upon opening the door there was a blood filled needle and syringe in my door.  My Stepfather phoned the Police and A Police woman took it away saying she would look for finger prints and phone us later, when we got no call my mum phoned the Police to be told there were no finger prints on the razor blade.

31.1.1995  David was shouting outside my house and he kept ringing the intercom shouting he was going to hurt my Stepfather I phoned the Police they said they would note it.   3.2.1995 David was again on my intercom making threats I phoned the Police who once again said they would note it.

23.3.1995 I have not had much bother from David until today , another razor blade stuck on my door with blood all over it. I phoned the Police who asked me if I had touched it I said no, they informed me that David was HIV Positive and carried the HEP C Carrier so I was to touch nothing as I could be at risk.

28.3.1995 David was Jailed today for shooting a Policeman in Dundee it was all over the news as it took place at a hospital.

29.3.1995 David was put it the State Mental Hospital Castaires until the 22.4.1997.

My Lawyer wrote to David Lawyer to inform them that I did not want any contact from David nor do I want phone calls or letters and anything I did get would go right to the Police. I did this because I had a few letters from him when he was in Hospital and I wanted it stopped before it got out of hand so I mad my position clear through my Lawyer.

24.4.1997 I was once again troubled my the activities of David after his release from The State Mental Hospital Carstairs and thereafter from Stratheden Hospital which is also a Mental Hospital.

During his time in Hospital both my parents and myself have revived hoax calls, delivery of unwanted articles, unwanted mail and a dummy bomb all from David Williamson. Throughout the last few months I have repeatedly been in touch with the Police regarding these unwanted and alarming episodes but they say they have been unable to speak with him to obtain a statement as he is in hospital under the Mental Health act and deemed not mentally to speak with Police.

25.6.1997 At 2100 Hours I arrive home to find David Williamson at my door wanting to speak with me.  I told him I was not prepared to let him in and I locked the door while I made the excuse to go and get my coat from my house.

When I got inside I phoned my mum and told her to phone the Police as David Williamson was at my door. I di this because in the past it proved impossible to prove to the Police that he had been at my door.

After asking mum to phone the Police for me. Then I wend downstairs to engage him in talking so I could prove to the Police that he had been at my door.

When I got downstairs a police car approached. On seeing this David Williamson threatened me with a knife and a gun

He forced me to hide with him until the Police went away.  Then he forced me to go back into the house and he made himself a cup of coffee.

I then spoke to my mum on the phone and told he David Williamson was in the house. I wasn't able to say anything more at that time.

I know now my Stepdad had phoned the Police

The Police arrived shortly after.

David Williamson then spoke to my mum and stepfather on the phone.  He was extremely obnoxious to them and threatened them as well. He them drew out a knife and threatened me. I was very alarmed and  frightened.
He would not let me out of the house.

When the Police arrived David Williamson would not let me out nor would he let the Police in.  He telephoned various people including the Mental Hospital and the Press. He also damaged my property.

The Police arrived with a negotiator as well as an armed response unit. Throughout this 8 long hours he held me hostage, he kept saying the walls were telling him what to do and the T.V was controlling his thoughts.

The Police negotiator spoke to him throughout this ordeal and he also got David Psychiatrist on the phone to speak with David.  All this time David was telling him that he was going to kill me.

He was telling his Psychiatrist that there were dead bodies in his house and he was going on about Funeral Directors being at his house and he said I was responsible.  I could hear his Psychiatrist trying to calm him down but he just hung up the phone on him.  He then phoned his mother.

Then after he took off all his clothes and said to me do I like his big C*** he proceeded to masturbate in front of me.

He eventually listened to the Police negotiator and told me to get out of the house he would let me go.

David had taken the keys and put them in his trousers so only he could open the door.

He did let me go but not before threating  to kill my parents.

I was taken then to a Police Station outwith my town to give a statement then at 4am I was taken to my parents house.  What I did not know until I had spoken to the Police was that David was out on day realise form a Mental Hospital.

when David went to Court he was sectioned under the Mental Health Act and taken back to the Mental Hospital today 26th June 1997.

On the evening of the 28th June 1997 The Police arrived at my door.  I was informed that David Williamson had been sent to the Mental Hospital when he appeared at court on the 26th June 1997 under section 58 of the Mental Health Act.  The said they had to inform me that the Hospital had made a mistake and had released David instead of another person with the same name.

As they were looking for him and until he was apprehended they were placing my family under Police Protection and a Police Officer would stay in the house and a car would be outside the house where we all stayed.

The next day I subsequently heard that David had been apprehended in Yorkshire. I am so fearful he will abscond again and will return to my house or my parent's  house and try to get me in view of his threats.

27 6.1997 David was taken back to court after being brought back from Yorkshire by Police Escort and was remanded in custody until his trial in October.

On the 28th October 1997, at Kirkcaldy Sherriff Court David pled guilty to breach of the peace. The P.F. gave him a deal that if he pled guilty the 4 charges would be brought under the one charge of breach of the peace and it could be dealt with at a Sheriff Court rather that the High Court.

He was sentenced to Two Years Imprisonment.

A Non- Harassment order was granted to me by the court on the 11th August 1998. This order was recalled due to a point of law after David appealed it at the High Court.  Apparently you can only get one if you have resided with the person in question.

David was released from Prison about 31st October 1998. Although he was on a Supervised Release  which  was due to expire on 28th October 1999

since his release from Prison he has sent me several cards. He has also come to my house late at night ringing my intercom telling me its count down time and when his order has expired he is going to kill me.

He told me this on the 10th 17th  19th September 1999.   On 5th October 1999 he broke  my window by throwing something at it and then he verbally abused me.  All this time he is stall on a supervised  release order. This Order was supposed to prevent him from contacting me in anyway but the Social Worker that supervised this order cannot speak with me and due to confidentiality will not discuss David with me.

On 17.12.1999 I asked the court for an non harassment order but I got turned down.  I did get the previous interdict from the 13th October 1999 continued until 20th December, 1999 this was granted fro an unlimited time.

At that hearing David's Lawyer said that their office would inform his English Lawyers of this hearing and their office would also take an undertaking to inform this court if there is any change in David's status as David would be getting a Prison sentence in about 8 weeks time in England.

The Sheriff allowed David time to apply for legal aid to oppose this interdict.

 I got some peace from David as he was in English Prison I just told them through my Lawyer I wanted no contact and I did not get any contact. Whereas in Scotland the prison say it's a breech of his human rights to stop writing or phoning me.

I went to court in 2000 to try for a Civil Non - Harassment Order to stop him but again I failed as a D.C.I From the Police stood up for David in court and made me out to be the one doing all things wrong.

This D.C.I had charged me and taken me to court because he said I was sending David gifts and making hoax phone calls to David and also sending Funeral Directors to David's home.

He claimed to have my voice on tape when this was played in court he was forced to admit that he could not say it was me on tape as he had only spoken to me once on the phone.  I was found "NOT GUILTY" 

After this the D.C.I was not pleased and took a very personal interest in anything to do with David. All David did was phone the Police on me and instead of an officer attending the D.C.I  attended.

David was in Prison and this D.C.I attended my house to deal with the complaint  I felt I was never going to be free of this man.

I got very down about all this and once tried to take my own life.  I got help from my G.P and saw someone who helped me.   I do not suffer from a mental illness  as David has told everyone.  All I do now is mindfulness this helps me cope with the fact that I will have to live with David all my life.

For 6 Years I heard nothing from David until last year 2016 when once again he sent me papers from an English Prison saying I was harassing him  by letter.

I di not know until then where he was I di know he was in Prison on Terrorism Crimes he had committed in London he got ten years on 12.3.12 and since that letter he or someone has text me phoned me being really rude.

I was asked by P.C Danskin of Kirkcaldy Police Station to report all this and although I was sure it was from David I could not say he was the one who did it as he could have asked someone else.

This week Wednesday 26.4.17 at 8.20am The door bell went and the Police came in with a warrant to search my house saying the phone that I received the text messages on came from a phone they found in my house through the I M I E number. 

They said I was wasting Police time by saying David made the calls when all the time it had been me.
They also said the sim card used had been bought with my nectar card in a Sainsbury's store in Edinburgh on a Saturday in June last year and the top up had been bought in October last year in Kirkcaldy Sainsbury's a Wednesday this time.

I checked with Sainsbury's to see if I could prove I had not done this but unfortunately they only keep camera tapes fro 31 days.

At on point last year I had indeed been in that shop to buy tee shirts and had left my credit card in store as well as my nectar card I could not say what day that was but the store phoned me and I went back to collect it. I cancelled my credit card but never though about a store card.

On interview at the Police Station on Wednesday I was advised by my Lawyer to give an no comment interview I misheard him on the phone or I would have had him present.  I did have a man who said he was an appropriate adult I said I do not want him but the Police gave me no choice.

He kept telling me to tell the truth with the Police and no one told my Lawyer he was there .

On proceeding with the interview the Policewoman said if I continue with a no comment interview as my 90 year old mum lives with me it could have been her that did all this and that they would have to bring her down to the station and hand cuff her and put her in a cell and lock her up.   

At this point I was so upset I offered to change my statement to stop her being locked up.  They then phoned her advocate who informed them due to my mums age she has memory problems and capacity may be an issue.

The day before Tuesday the Police had contacted Fife Social work Department who told them there was no concern regarding my mum.

I know I have done nothing wrong and why pick on two phone calls when in fact all I have on tape is 100.

I feel no one can help me as Action Against Stalking cannot help me I have no one who likes me and I feel my life is going to be ruled with this man forever.

The Police say they might still have to speak with my mum or they may not.

I was charged with two counts of wasting Police time. I now wait and see what happens next.  I will never trust Anyone again as I feel involving others all be it an organisation who knows about issues like this it's' not worth risking that as the advice you get may not always be the correct advice.

Trust yourself and your legal team only.  David gets protected all the time no matter what he does the Police in my view see no wrong in him.

Now I wait again.