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Friday, 28 July 2017

My ordeal with boots chemist Kirkcaldy high street

On the 20th May 2017 my life was turned upside down.
Boots Chemist High Street Branch Kirkcaldy made a very serous allegation against my family but really against me. They claimed that a year ago now past what month or date I do not know but anyway they said my 89 Year old mum at that time had accused me of abusing her. They raised a cause of concern with the Social Work Department which could have had serious implactions on me and on mum who is now 90. Today being 28.7. 17 I was told that all had been dropped and nothing against me was preceding. After two months of hell because Boots lied about this and other things they think this is the end it's is not. I want compensation for what they have put us through and unless they are willing to settle out of court this will be settled in Court.

I have no idea why they would feel the need to lie about this or why they would feel the need to even do this. If they had a concern a year ago why not report it a year ago? If the case was someone being abused would it not have been right to report it then rather than wait until someone could have been injured or even killed in that time frame. This brings the next question this is personal against me, why I have yet to find out.
Be warned when using this chemist they can appear to be nice but that's a front. Read the staff page nothing but complaints about this store from people who work there and have worked there.
I will update this when I have an answer.